Free Youtube to MP3 Converters

Here are 4 Best Free Youtube to MP3 Converters for Audio Hunt in 2020

YouTube is best source to listen free music, but to listen offline via YouTube you will need to download that music or video. YouTube do not allow you to download videos unless you buy a premium plan. Fortunately, there are few ways to download YouTube videos using external softwares. Moreover, YouTube to mp3 Converters can save a lot when looking to skip video content and just enjoy audio part. (more…)

Download Youtube Videos

How to Download YouTube Videos Online for Offline Watching

Most of us download YouTube videos for offline watching when there is no internet access. Especially this is very helpful when you are going on a long trip by plane or trains.

Similarly downloading YouTube videos is an awesome feature when you want to save money on mobile data or mobile internet is not reliable. In such a situation you can use your home or office WiFi to download the videos and then continue using your mobile data with peace of mind.

xbox one controller

Xbox One Controller Evolution Overtime Along with History & Overview

Xbox One Controller is used to play games on Xbox One and other gaming consoles including Windows PC. It is also referred as Xbox One Wireless Controller which is also compatible with other operating systems like Android, Linux, iOS, and macOS beside to Windows. The basic design up to now is consistent which was introduced in Xbox 360 Controller. With the time new design changes are introduced in later models which also includes some new features like analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and triggers. (more…)

att customer service

Which is Best ATT Customer Service 2020 Phone Number to get Live Person

ATT customer service phone number 2020, and AT&T Livechat dial 800-288-2020 to Activate your phone, pay bills, unlock device or tech support for both wireless & home phone. AT&T Customer Service department is divided in to multiple sections to handle the calls related with different issues. You may need to contact AT&T tech support, or sales phone number to query about internet or cellphone plans. You can also visit the AT&T outlets nearby to personally discuss the issue and get the solution for that. (more…)

nintendo switch games

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games 2020 Everyone Must Try

Nintendo is well known for its great innovations among gamers. Nintendo Switch games is really awesome feature among other features which Nintendo lovers enjoy during game play. There are tons of games available to play with Nintendo switch. However, today we will stick to the most popular games which you can buy to play with Nintendo Switch.

Below we have compiled a list of top 10 Nintendo Switch Games which are downloaded most in recent period of time. The popularity of list below is basically sourced from Nintendo games download stats. You can also find some other popular options beside to top 10 Nintendo Switch games.


screenshot macbook

How Do I Screenshot MacBook: 3 Options to Capture Screen on Mac

You can Screenshot Macbook easily with various techniques. There are multiple methods with which you can simply take a screenshot on macOS either by using keyboard commands or by using external apps. However some methods also allows you to print-screen whole or specific part of your screen.

No matter you have Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or any other model we will share the method which works on all devices. Here below you can find comprehensive steps to capture a screenshot on your Mac. The video lets you understand the whole concept a little more easier. (more…)

Heart Emoji

How Heart Emoji Evolution Helps to Show Your Love Emotion in Chat

❤️ Heart Emoji is most commonly used to express your love. Some times it is also referred as I love you emoticon. Heart Emoticon is available in multiple other shades or colors but red heart emoji is most popular among others.

Some other names for heart emoticon includes love heart, red heart and heavy black heart. ❤️ Emoji is not available on Android 4.4 KitKat however, it is available from 5.1 Lollipop to on-wards. (more…)

Google maps Street View

How Google Maps Street View is Useful in Finding Directions to New Destination

Google Maps Street View is a really helpful feature when you are new to an area. Street view can give you a better sense of an area and its surroundings to avoid the dependency on GPS when you reach at your destination. Luckily Google Maps street view is available for both PC and mobile apps. Today here we will learn how to use street view in Google Map to easily navigate at your destination. (more…)

How Can I Download Facebook Videos

How to Download Facebook Videos for Free Including Private Videos

Today in this article we will learn how can I download Facebook Videos for free using some external services. The private Facebook videos can’t be downloaded but there is a method which even allows you to download a private Facebook video. You can download videos on mobile, PC or any other platform.

Lets continue below to learn how one can download Facebook videos no matter either these are public videos or private videos. The steps are really simple and any one can master it within few minutes. (more…)

OneDrive for business

OneDrive for Business VS. One Drive Basic Comparison Which is Right For You

OneDrive for Business vs. OneDrive basic comparison helps you to know the difference and hunt a better product for your business. Is OneDrive is perfect choice for business collaboration or storage? What is the level of security while you are sharing files over network? We will try to cover all the possible aspects which a common person want to know. (more…)